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Nahida's Pantry

Started for Easter 2009, our church’s food pantry aimed to feed 6 families for the holidays.  Nahida Albadri, the founder, decided we should feed families every month, since they ate food every month.  What began small has now become a joint effort with community organizations and General Floor.  We now feed regularly over 20 families and during the holidays over 36 baskets of food! 

Nahida’s Pantry is based on the premise of accepting help when it is needed, being thankful for all that we have, and “paying it forward” by supporting the program with prayer and donations


The goals of the Nahida’s Pantry are to:

  1. Demonstrate God’s love for those who are struggling by showing that people care and are willing to give.

  2. Provide meaning in the lives of those people not in need at this time by asking for their support of food and help distributing the food.

  3. Help the general community see that those with enough and those struggling are connected to one another.


Our vision is to receive the support of the church and other community organizations to keep helping at our current level to expand our ability to reach out to even more families. 

For more information, please contact Memorial Presbyterian Church at

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