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All of us have experienced reality several times a year when for one reason or another (vacation, sickness, business trips, sports events, etc.) where we just are not able to attend church on a weekly basis. Sometimes we forget to make up our pledge for that period of time. We must remember that the church’s budget was made up based upon your pledge at the beginning of the year. As in our own daily lives, the church has many bills to pay on a regular basis (salaries, heating, electric, etc.). As we are well aware, we cannot keep our homes afloat without a regular income; so it is with the church.


This is not a plea for more money, instead this is a method for you to help the church by keeping your pledges up to date all year long. E-Giving is a method whereby you can complete your obligation of your pledge by signing up to have it taken out of your checking or saving account weekly or monthly, thus assuring the church that we will be able to pay all our bills on time.


E-Giving has been in effect for several years now and is very secure. We currently have about 40% of our congregation enrolled. Just as a side note the first person to originally sign up for the program was the oldest member of the church. Please consider this method of payment in the future so that the church can continue to be a vital part of our lives.



  • Download the E-giving form

  • Print it out

  • Fill it out

  • Attach a voided check

  • Drop it off at the church office

  • Done!

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